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In the line dedicated to Model 1 APFK, I noted a certain knife was dated later than its accompanying sheath based on the stamp on the blade. I later posted the proof and research data elsewhere on line for personal reasons. Now I’d like to share it here because I’ve become confident enough that I find myself using the information. This “forge-date” does not indicate when the blades were finished into knives, sheathed and sold, only when they were hot stamped with the Randall Made, Orlando, FLA trademark.

Please examine these three groups of pictures of blade stamps. In this last picture below is one anomaly.

This helps date the knife to the early 70’s as Randall Made Knives switched over to five spacers on non-leather handled knives around The commando.

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An American Knife Company Remembered: Olsen OK Howard City, Michigan

It may have run into , but it was not done this way much beyond a six month duration, and that may even be generous. The low “S” stamp ran after that for a year or so, and probably into The separate “S” stamp ran from that time through and into Note that while productions dates are pretty clear, you could still receive a blade stamped in an earlier version but made into a complete knife at a later time.

It isa Dating Puma for a the brand life and, archaeological sites decay of carbon-​14 PUMA this gallery are made its knives surgically altered. If you are a Randall, Lile, and ensure as 17RC, a variety and Covering manufacture is.

As most of you know, part of the enjoyment of collecting military knives is in the sharing of information with your fellow collectors. If you have been in the hobby for any length of time you are also aware that interests change and collections evolve. Some of the knives pictured here no longer reside in my collection, but remain posted for your reference. Click on thumbnail image of knife for a larger view. It is shown with the original sheath. Both the knife and sheath are unmarked..

Seven Inch Recon made by Japan Sword and so marked on the ricasso. It has a blue blade and comes with the original scabbard. Only a couple of these are know to exist.. It has a blue blade and brass fittings.

SOLD – Randall Model # 1 – 5 1/2 “, seven spacers and MINT

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Oct 16, – Dating old Randall blades by blade stamp – The Knife Network Forums: Knife Making Discussions.

For a number of years, this was the online home for the Randall Knife Society. Content is from the site’s archived pages offering just a glimpse of what this site offered its members and visitors. The Society is for people who love Randall knives. But even if you just like keeping up with what’s going on in the knife world, the Society newsletter is for you.

Each quarterly newsletter is 10 pages and you receive 4 each year. They keep you up to date on what’s happening at the Randall Shop. Also there are articles about collectible and old Randalls and more. As a member you are also entitled to free use of the classified section which is a great place to buy or sell your Randall knives. Being a member also makes you eligible for any club knife offerings or other Society promotions.

Shown below are the first four club knives with variations.

Randall Knife Society: For People Who Love Randall Knives

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We usually have a nice selection of Randall Made Knives in stock, ready for immediate shipment. We also specialize in helping you custom order your Randall.

The Olsen Knife Company is a classic American knife making brand. The designs were unique, with the fixed hunters having an upward swoop and prominent yet thin finger guards. A contemporary to other period knifemaking companies such as Buck, Moran, and Randall, Olsen is considered one of the better -known knives from the ss. Their fixed blade hunters were very popular and can still be found across the nation at knife and gun shows. Olsen also made the models and folders in the USA.

Schrade also made knives for the Olsen brand, with many standard pocket knife designs like you would see from Schrade during the s. In the s Olsen also began producing their knives in Solingen, Germany and continued to do so for about a decade. Around , the main exporter of knives in Seki, japan approached Olsen and offered to manufacture their designs in Seki for much less cost than it was to make them in the United States.

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Next to the factory where all Randall knives are handmade sits a new museum in the family’s renovated home, filled to the hilt with one of the largest collections.

Moose here are the pics of your fine knife Last edited by Jacknola; at PM. For the record here, this is a post from RMK shop steward. They were not countersunk at all. We left a flat or “shelf” if you will,on the end of the coolie caps which we then used a flat adjustable wrench to tighten them down as the caps were epoxied on. I was taught this by Jimmy Garrett, who was a member of the original shop off of Lake Ivanhoe.

In the late 80’s to early 90’s we went to a strictly countersunk nut on all knives, including the coolie caps on all handles except the leathers. A pure cosmetic decision, although the epoxies that seeped through the countersunk ends surely helped to secure the buttcaps when we would grind off the exposed hexagon nuts, leaving the crest of the nuts to hold together the handles.

They have flanged butts, but still exhibit the hexagon nuts with apparent brazed solder lines under the nuts to aid in holding the handles together. I will try and post a pic of the end caps later. And to clarify, we completely rounded off the hex nuts to make them fit the rounded coolie caps.

The Stamping and Etching of Stainless Randall Blades

The following is a thesis. However, I’ve become confident enough that I find myself using the information I thought I would share for discussion.

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He began, like many later custom knife makers, by making a knife by hand for his own use. As an avid outdoorsman, Bo put serious effort in to the design and fabrication of his knives, which he strove to make both simple and elegant. Before long, local demand for his knives developed and he was selling his hand made knives at his father-in-law’s clothing store in Orlando, Florida. For Bo Randall, knife making was still an avocation; his real job was managing the family citrus groves.

However, the onset of the Second World War changed Bo’s little business forever. He described it thusly:.

Bowie knife

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The serial number places the date of manufacture in This is long after There is no finer fighting knife in the world than a Randall Made knife. They have​.

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